Discourse analysis of affected people and mental health professionals


Mental health metaphors in blogs:

Metaphors of depression by patients
  • Coll-Florit, M., S. Climent, M. Sanfilippo, E. Hernández (2021). “Metaphors of depression. Studying first-person accounts of life with depression published in blogs”, Metaphor and Symbol, 36:1, 1-19. DOI: 10.1080/10926488.2020.1845096. PDF
Metaphors of mental illness by patients and mental health professionals
  • Coll-Florit, M., A. Oliver, S. Climent (forthcoming, 2021). “Metaphors of mental illness: a corpus-based approach analysing first person accounts of patients and mental health professionals”, Culture, Language and Representation, vol. 25.

Mental health metaphors in Twitter:

  • Correa-Urquiza, M., A. Pié, M. Coll-Florit, E. Hernández, S. Climent (2020). “Orgullo loco y metáforas para una disidencia: un análisis lingüístico y simbólico” [Mad pride and metaphors for dissidence: a linguistic and symbolic analysis]. Salud Colectiva, 16: e288. PDF
Manual metaphor detection and codification method:
  • Coll-Florit, M. & S. Climent (2019). “A new methodology for conceptual metaphor detection and formulation in corpora. A case study on a mental health corpus”, SKY Journal of Linguistics, vol. 32, 43-74. PDF
Computational metaphor identification:
  • Torres Rivera, A., A. Oliver, M. Coll-Florit (2020). “Metaphoricity Detection in Adjective-Noun Pairs”, Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 64, 53-60. PDF
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Metaphors of schizophrenia in documentaries:
  • Coll-Florit, M., X. Miranda, S. Climent (2019). “Metáforas de la esquizofrenia. Un estudio sobre el discurso de afectados y profesionales” [Metaphors of schizophrenia. Study on the discourse of sufferers and professionals], Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada (RESLA) / Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics (SJAL), 32:1, 1-31. PDF
Project overview:
  • Coll-Florit, M., S. Climent, M. Correa-Urquiza, E. Hernández, A. Oliver, A. Pié (2018). “Proyecto MOMENT: Metáforas del trastorno mental grave. Análisis del discurso de personas afectadas y profesionales de la salud mental” [MOMENT Project: Metaphors of severe mental disorder. Discourse analysis of affected people and mental health professionals], Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 61, 139-142. PDF